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Crimping Tool, Hydraulic Tool ,Cable Cutter, bus bar tool-Baolifeng tools

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        Baolifeng tools Co.,LTD.was established as a professional manufacturer and supplier of tools which include hydraulic tools, crimping tools, cable crimping tools, hydraulic pumps,cable cutter, wire stripper,cable stripper,rebar tool,cable tie tool,busbar tool,network tool and more in china.

         We comply with all standard of CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ QC 080001, OHSAS 18000 and certifications. With years of industry experience and steady growth has created a strong company culture and strong management base, where our employees are given opportunities to grow and perform better. BaoLi's hydraulic tools were developed using American and European technology, which enables BLF become the leading brand in the industry. We are not only dedicated to supply top quality hydraulic tools to professionals, but also willing to satisfy customers by working with them to develop innovative solutions.

            For nearly 20 years we've concentrated on research and development of Hand Crimping Tools , Ratchet Crimping Tools, Terminal Crimping Tools,wire ferrule crimping tools,crimper tools,Copper Tube Terminal Crimp Tool, Self-adjustion Crimping Pliers, Cable Link Crimping Pliers,Electric Crimping Tools, Crimping Tool KitsHand Cable Cutters,Wire Strippers, Wire Cutter with Stripper,Mini Cable Cutter, Ratchet Cable Cutter, Hydraulic Pipe Bender,Hydraulic Crimping ToolsHydraulic Cutting Tools, Cable Knife,Solar Panal Coax Crimping Tools, Hydraulic Pumps,Network Tools , Nylon Cable Tie ToolsPVC Pipe Cutter,Battery-powered Crimping Tools, Filckr Wire Stripper Machine,rebar tying tool,bus bar cutting tools,busbar bending tools,busbar punching tools and  With restless efforts, we've made great progress in management, technology, machinery, quality control and customer service.

  Our products are guaranteed a Rigid quality control system, professional and devoted personnel in design and manufacture make our products elegant and convenient and therefore enjoy a high popularity both at home and abroad.

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Battery Powered crimper cutter puncher Tool 5119

Battery Powered crimper  cutter puncher Tool 5119

including battery hydraulic crimping,cutting,punching tool

battery powered crimping tools

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