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Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 5081

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Crimping Range : 16-300 mm2

Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 5081 

product code:yqk300

1 Name : Hydraulic Crimping Tool

-2 Item No : Hydraulic Crimping Tool 5081 ( Safety system inside )

-3 Crimping Range : 16-300 mm2

-4 Crimping Force : 16 T

-5 Crimping Type : Hexagon Crimping

-6 Stroke : 22 mm

-7 Package : Steel Case

-8 Weight : 6.8 KGS

-9 Length : 500 mm

10 Crimping Dies : 16 , 25 , 35 , 50 , 70 , 95 , 120 ,150 , 185 , 240 , 300 mm2



Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 5081 


1. First View by pressing with the terminal and wiring specifications.
2. Select  the mold, for example, by pressing the terminal specifications like 240, select 240 of the upper and lower mold.

do not switch into the back to tighten the clockwise direction repeatedly shake the handle, look at the mold, when the upper and lower mold when the two met, said a pressing defensive completed, if the user does not pay attention to shaking, Bang Pu is a [slightly cracking] sound This is a safety protection device opens, the piston stop the advance, this time the oil should be back to days off in order to rotate counterclockwise, the piston back to its original position.

Note: Mold can not be installed without compression. So that the piston, jaw damage. Troubleshooting / face of pressure loss or have questions, please be sure to call with the factory or dealer.

YQK-300 hydraulic cable crimping tool


A hydraulic crimping tool is a lightweight and compact tool used for crimping and attaching connectors to hose and cable ends. Two types of crimping tools are used. These include die-type and die-less tools. Die-type tools are required when using dies and matching connectors while die-less tools require no die insert change when crimping connectors. Numerous models of hydraulic crimping tools are available on the market.

 Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tool 5081 is applied to overthead distribution and press connection for copper terminals and sleeve of underground cable.Hexagonal mould is adopted to ensure tight press connection,good electric conduction and non-easy shedding.

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