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Hydraulic Flange Spreader FSH-14

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Hydraulic Flange Spreader FSH-14


The flange spreaders are designed to dividing flanges by driving a wedge between the lips of the flange. 

They're suitable for use within industries where flanged joints are commonly encountered during fabrication and maintenance tasks. 

For flanges that require larger spreading distances and have a larger joint, an optional larger wedge is available.

Hydraulic Flange Spreader FSH-14

Working Range


Top of The Gap


Separation of the Thickness

81mm max.

Separation Type

hydraulic Separator

Oil Reserve

78 ml




120mm(W) X 310mm(L)X 160mm(H)

Match pump type

CP-700 / CFP-800-1

 Hydraulic Flange_Spreader_FSH-14

Hydraulic Flange Spreader Features

1 A special interlocking wedge-shaped design. Without first bend, but also avoid the junction of the slip.

2 Minimum 6mm gap for hydraulic spreader could work only.

3 Very few moving parts, solid and durable,  no need to spend energy on maintenance.




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