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hydraulic cable cutter cc-50a

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cc-50a hydraulic cable cutter

Hydraulic cable cutter :

Cutting force: 12T
Cutting range: diameter 50mm max(for telephone cable)
diameter 45mm max(for armoured Cu/Alu cable)
Length: Approx. 615mm
Weight: Approx. 7.00kg
Package: Steel case
Weight of Box: Approx. 3.50kg

With BLF hydraulic cutter CC-50, you are assured that you can bring it anywhere and set it up right away. It is not as heavy as other hydraulic cutters; therefore it is very good to bring anywhere you may go. Furthermore, when some blades are not working well already, you can just remove them and replace with new ones. These features make it possible for you to use better parts in no time. To top it all, this product comes with a self- contained tool. This means that you can just place in everything inside and you can go ahead. This would be of great help especially when you are traveling a lot just to fix cable wires.

Looking at the tool itself, you can use it with comfort since it has a 180 degree rotating head for convenient operation. Therefore if wires to be cut are irregular and are difficult, then with this tool, you can safely say that you can do everything with ease. It also has a flip- top latch for easy insertion of materials to be cut. Therefore, you would not spend much time just to adjust what needs to be placed inside the cutter and place them properly. This is a great help especially when you have to make use of different wires to be cut. Finally, it has a spring return; therefore you do not have to exert too much effort just to do things repetitively. In short, both comfort and versatility are assured when you are to use this tool.

Finally, this modern equipment makes use of great and excellent materials thus you are assured that durability will always be maintained. Thus, if you are into this job for several years more; then you can have a tool just to address your need.

With all these benefits you can get, would you still go for other models? Rest assured you only want the best. When you want to have it, then secure a BLF CC-50 now!


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