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hydraulic cable cutter cc-85b

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hydraulic cable cutter cc-85b


Cutting head rotate 360°is feasible.

Automatic release pressure is ok when cutting complete, with manual release.

Split cable cutting head used with pump, for cutting big size of telephone cable or armored Cu/AL cable.

 cutting force :10T

 cutting range:

Φ85mm max (for ACSR cables)

Φ85mm Cu/AL cable

weight :Approx.9.6kg

hydraulic cable_cutter_cpc85b

Another good thing about this product is that you can make use of this with low or high voltage wires without worrying that you might be not secured from short circuit. There is a special feature in this product which gives you enough protection from short circuit since this can occur anytime without you preparing for it.

Furthermore, this tool is also very versatile. When you are to work with thick or thin wires, you will have the same level of comfort when using. It can also perfectly fit the type of wires you are working with. Therefore, it will not be that tough on thin wires or too difficult for thick ones. Some other cutters might damage thin ones and might be too difficult to use for thick ones. In short, with BLF tools, you can have one tool for all purpose.



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