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cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b with 2 spare blades hand-held Rebar Cutting Machine

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cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b 

with 2 spare blades hand-held Rebar Cutting Machine



Gross weight:11.5Kg
Machine weight:6.5Kg
Cutting speed:4.0-5.0 s
Max rebar:16MM
Min rebar:4MM
Package:One Pc /Metal Box/Cardboard Ctn
Carton Size:430x400x150MM
Machine Size:360x250x100MM
Certificate:CE ROHS

cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b




cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b 



Preliminary checking For perverting anY accident, check as follows without fail:

●Checking the safety at work

Use the machine with much care to the surroundings.

●Checking the working clothing

To protect youself from danger, it is recommended to wear a clothing suitable for the working.

●Checking the machine for abnormality

If you have detected an abnormality in the machine, immediate stop using the machine and ask for inspection and repair of the machine.

●Checking for oil stains on machine body and grip

Such oil stains will cause the machine to slip down, possibly causing a great danger to you or a damage to the machine.


1. Basical operation

(1)Adjust the “adjust-bolt” position to meet the diameter of rebar you are going to cut. (The original bolt is fixed to max.16mm)

1. Loose the locknut by #17 spanner

2. Set the adjust-bolt vertical against rebar.

3. Fix the locknut #17 spanner firmly.

(2)Put the rebar between blades into the bottom.

(3)Set the rebar position you want to cut and turn on switch.

Keep the switch on till the rebar be cut.

Cutter rod will automatically return to original position after cutting.

(4)Take off the rebar after switching off.



cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b 

with 2 spare blades hand-held Rebar Cutting Machine


Operating Return Valve


To return the rod its position it reaches the stroke end, loosen the return valve.

(1)When the return valve is loosened a half turn counterclockwise.The hydraulic pressure will be reduced and the cutter rod will return to start position.

(2)To resume cutting, securely tighten the return valve clockwise before starting the machine.If the return valve is left loosened, no hydraulic pressure is applied and thus no cutting can be done.

●Never loosen the return value more than necessary. Excessive loosening will cause oil leak or missing of the valve.


3. Body 360° return

The machine body can rotate 360°on no-pressure.


●Do not touch the switch when you went to rotate the machine body.

Blades may move and it causes damage.




4. Replacing the blades

●Take the battery pack out before work.

●Pay your careful attentions as the blades edges are so sharp.

●Install the blades in correct direction

(1)Take out the hexagon bolt by #4 hexagon wrench.

(2)Fix the blades as below in correct direction.Loose fixing may cause unexpected accident.




cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b 



●Check the plug and cord before use, if there are some damage, do not use it and ask our distributor to repair it to avoid accident.

●New battery is not always charged full, so charge it full before use.


1. Putting the charger plug into outlet.

Charge lamp goes on and off when you put the plug into the outlet.


If the plug does not fit the outlet and cannot be firm, or easy to put off, bring and consult with shop or out agent for repairment.Unproper use may cause the fire.

2. Fixing the battery pack to charger.

When you fix the battery pack to charger, it starts to charge and charger lamp goes on and off. Fix the battery pack to the bottom of charger firmly on the correct direction.


It the charger lamp does not turn on, pull out the charger plug from outlet and check if the battery will be fixed into the charger firmly again.


(1).when put the charger plug into the outlet,the gree light on charger will light up.

(2).After putting the battery into charger to charge,the green lights will blinking.

(3).when the battery is charged fully,the green light will stop to blink and keep lighting up.

(4).if the battery or charger have problem,the red light will light up.

(5).if the battery is hot,and you put directly into charger,the red light will blink.

Continuous Charging by one some charger may cause the charger heat and damage. 15min for rest is required.Surrounding should be set from +10 to +30.


4. Do not pull the cord of charger when you take off the plug of charger from outlet.


5. When you pull the battery form charger,.you should hold the charger by your hands firmly and pull out the battery carefully

6. To make the battery in longlife use.

(1) Charge before it will be empty.

If the power would become blow down, stop operating and start charging.

If you still continue operating under lack of power, it may damage the battery.

(2) Avoid to charge on heated condition.

The battery pack will still be heated soon after your use. If you charge under the heated condition, it may damage the life of battery. Charge after it becomes normal temperature.


If the power of battery become insufficient in normal operation,it is supposed that the life of battery will be terminated, and need to purchase new one. Used-up battery may cause the damage on battery pack and charger.


Please do not throw the use-up battery away and bring to our agents or shop.


cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b




●We recommend you to contact our distributions for safety when you need inspection or disassembling.

●Make sure to take off the battery pack from tools before checking the tools.


For long life use.

Keep clean the tool after use.

Do not use thinner or benzene on the plastic parts to avoid color-change.

Keep apart from the place of direct sun light, high temperature, high humility and dust.

Also keep it away from the children.

Long custody (More than 1 year) may have the battery discharge or unactivate chemical material.

You need to keep it on dry and low temperatures place. (+10+25)

Recharging and discharging are required in case of no use more than 6 month.


Replenishing and replacing hydraulic oil

Tools need more hydraulic oil if performance gets down.

No enough hydraulic oil causes the damage and defects of tools.

Hydraulic oil: hydraulic oil ISO VG46 is preferable. e.g. Shell Oil Tellus 46, Mobil oil DTE-25

or Esso Uni power SQ46

Fill the oil by having cutter rod expand maximum in case you take off the oil, and hold rebar

(D10) by rod (with pressure),otherwise, oil plush out..

Pay careful attention not to insert foreign matter or dust into the oil.

It may cause the trouble if dust get enter inside.

Packing seal or seal etc need to replace when it looking.


cordless battery powered rebar cutter blrc-16b



If you have trouble with the apparatus, or have question, please contact our shop or distributors nearby.


Battery pack(Ni-Mh battery) is recyclable.

The Ni-Mh battery is precise resources, when you damp it, please bring it to our agents or shops for recycling.



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