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steel wire rope hydraulic cutter 4063

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hydraulic steel wire rope cutter 4063

Hydraulic steel wire rope cutter features:

A few strokes make a good, clean cut.
This efficient, portable Hydrashear is a self-contained hydraulic cable cutter recommended by wire rope manufacturers and used by 
industries throughout the world.
This tool is precision engineered to give a good, clean cut with minimum effort. Just pump the handle…no outside power needed. It 
can be easily carried to the job and anywhere to do its work.
The blades and shear blades are made of the finest tool steel available, heat treated and ground to close tolerances, which means 
long life as well as superior performance. The models are available.
Earth-moving and construction contractors, factory wearhouses, rigging lofts and elevator repairmen


Now we can supplu the following two models of wire rope hydraulic cutter 




















 hydraulic wire rope cutter rc-25s


Wire Rope Equipment 

We also have a wide range of other wire rope equipment including wire rope crimping tools, wire rope presses, wire rope roller swaging machines and wire rope reeling machines.


Hydraulic steel wire rope cutter  usage:

Wire rope can be cut with a cutting torch or a hydraulic wire rope cutter. The key to cutting wire rope successfully lies in "seizing" the wire rope properly before making the cut.


Cut the wire rope between the two central seizings with the handheld hydraulic wire rope cutter or a cutting torch


When wire rope is cut, at least one end of the rope will try to twist and fly away from the cut. The use of two rigger's vises, one placed on either side of the point where the rope will be cut, is highly recommended.



Steel wire rope consists of multiple strands of wire wrapped to form a cable capable of holding heavy loads, creating structural connections or providing a safety barrier. Cutting steel wire rope incorrectly adds stress to the wire strands within the rope, causing the bond between the strands to weaken. A weakened steel wire rope will fail under stress and cause serious injury to people in the area.





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