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China's Hardware Industry Has Shown Characteristics

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First, China as a Global Hardware Manufacturing Center will Further Secure

China's economy more perfect facilities, industrial development and labor costs are lower and more mature, has become the world's manufacturing center of the comparative advantage of hardware, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics. Center to strengthen the first in recent years, overall growth in exports of metal products: metal products, major export growth rate is higher than output growth, higher sales growth in the domestic market; major full bloom hardware appliances, electric tools, hand tools, building hardware products, the increase in traditional export categories of products is high. Huge market and the center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center of the transfer to China.

Second, the operation of capital within the industry will become more active cooperation between enterprises will significantly strengthen in the global competitive environment, in order to obtain a favorable competitive position and enhance competitiveness, industrial capital is another theme running industry. From the capital perspective, the main features of the current expansion in the increase of capital. From the competition point of view, the cooperation between enterprises to increase resource sharing.

Third, Hardware Companies will Further Aggravate the Polarization

The next few years will be the shock of high-speed hardware industry, which brings high-speed oscillation is a direct consequence of the brand camp led to the current hardware trends in polarization expansion. The next few years is expected to really be able to survive in the market is absolutely no hardware business is now so much. However, this high-speed hardware industry will bring tremendous opportunities to shock, vibration of the results will be made more rational market.

4, Channel Changes will be Profound, Channels Increasingly Fierce Competition Between

On the one hand, manufacturers strengthened the control on the retail end, and strive to reduce the sales link, save marketing costs, to distribution channels to develop specialist business sales model can also adapt to diverse towards the direction of the market. On the other hand, sales of the industry trend to the rising status of large chain stores, the ability to control the industry increased participation and led manufacturers led by the former major price competition. Large retailers with its broad market coverage, procurement scale and cost advantages, product pricing, loan delivery and so the production company's control will be increased. Meanwhile, the international market requirements of our hardware development will gradually change the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery period will have higher requirements, or even gradually extended to the production process and product development, product and environmental protection , energy resources, combine the human environment.

Fifth, Price-based Competition in the Market will be Shifted to High-quality, High-tech Products

As competition in-depth, hardware industrial chain profit margins are the various stages of compression, for downward rapidly. More and more enterprises recognize that price competition alone can not establish a core competence, not long-term direction of development in an effort to explore new development. Many hardware companies increased technical input to the development of new products with high technological content, product differentiation will be the development of long-term solution as the company to seek new market demands, the establishment of new economic growth points, in order to achieve business can sustainable development.

6, The Integration of Domestic and Foreign Enterprises will Further Accelerate