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what's the Crimping Tools & Accessories

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Crimping tools are designed with the objective of helping us to crimp or connect two pieces of metal or other adjustable material by deforming one or both of them to hold the other and this bend or deformity is called the crimp.stripping machine.

Baolifeng Tools Co.,LTD supply variety kinds of crimping tools including hand crimping tools,hydraulic crimping tools,battery hydraulic crimper,pneumatic crimping tools.

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It is actually a multi-function tool that can be used for making crafts and jewelry or for fishing to crimp the wires in a fisherman’s rod for example. What’s good about the crimping tool is that it has a lot of practical usage and it’s also an uncomplicated tool to use

There are actually various crimping tools in the market and each is designed for a specific task so when you’re out to buy a crimping tool, first determine for what task you want to use it for: is it for jewelry making or making fish lures perhaps? Once you know, then the next step is to pick out the right crimping tool size as each crimping job requires different sizes.

It’s also important to choose the right type of sleeve for your crimping tool. Crimp sleeves also come in different types. The three common crimp sleeve types are: round section, oval section and the double barrel. The round section is made out of brass and is used for making knots while the oval section sleeve, which is the more widely used type of sleeve is also available in brass as well as copper alloys and aluminum. The double barrel sleeve is also available in copper, brass and aluminum but on the other hand is the most expensive out of the three. It is very durable though.

So you’ve picked out the right type of sleeve, now what comes next? Well, now you must choose the right size of sleeve to go with your crimping tool. After all, while it is possible to use a larger sleeve for your tool, a sleeve that is too small cannot be used for your crimping tool as the leader will not fit in. So when you’re buying crimp sleeves, remember to pick out the right size but if that’s not available, get a bigger sized sleeve.

What comes after buying the right crimping tool and sleeve is learning how to identify and cut the wires as wires need to be cut just right before you can crimp them. An insulated wire must be stripped to expose the wire underneath and if the wires are in strands, you need to twist them together for easier insertion into the connector.

For crimping electrical wires, you first need to identify what kind of gauge wire you’ll be working with. In terms of thickness, gauge wire thickness ranges from 10 up to 22 gauges and if a wire is insulated, it must be stripped from the end of the wires. Wires that have been used for a long time and already look tarnish needs to be cleaned first and foremost. A small piece of steel wool can be used for cleaning. Make sure to secure both ends of the wire after crimping. There should be no loose ends.

After usage, remember to store your crimping tool properly. Remember that just like any other thing, crimping tools are also tools that will lasts for a long time only by knowing how to use and care for them properly.

Baolifeng Tools Co.,LTD supply variety kinds of crimping tools including hand crimping tools,hydraulic crimping tools,battery hydraulic crimper,pneumatic crimping tools.