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About Crimping

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A crimp connection provides an electrical and a mechanical connection . The measure of the quality for an electrical connection is the conductivity. The measure of quality for the mechanical connection is the pull out force. Both factors, the electrical conductivity and the pull out force, depend directly on the crimp height of the conductor. Using the crimp height caliper, this is measured from the bottom of the claws to the highest point in the crimp.

Test measurements have indicated that the optimum electrical conductivity (point E, Fig II) and the optimum withdrawal force (point M, Fig. III) are not related to the same crimp height. This means that a crimp with an optimum electrical conductivity does not have the maximum achievable withdrawal force - and vice versa.

It is necessary to attempt to reach a compromise between the two ideal conditions (fig. IV). This compromise point normally lies between the maximum values of the two curves

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