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EZ-12 Battery Powered hole making Knockout Punch Driver powered by 18V Lithium-ion Batteries,with 120KN punch force

Battery Punch Driver

Maximum Punch force: 120KN
Maximum RAM Stroke: 25mm
Punch/charge: 180 times
Battery Voltage: 18V, 3.0Ah, Li-ion
Maximu Round Punch Size(in 3.5mm mild steel): 61.5mm dia
Charging time: 2 hours
3/8"x2-13/16" Draw Stud: 1PC
3/4"x4-1/8" Draw stud: 1PC
Spacer: 1 PC
Sealing kit: 1 PC
Battery: 2 PCS
Charger: 1 PC
Sealing ring of cylinder: 1 set
Sealing ring of safety valve: 1 set

1. State of the art 18V Li-ion battery provides 70% more cycle per charge and faster cycle time.
2. LED light provides the operator with the battery charge and tool maitenance status.
3. Forward handle position improves tool balance. One trigger controls all tool functions.
4. Punching cycle stops automatically when hole is complete to prevent damage to punch .
5. The battery voltage available from AC 100V~240V 50~60HZ.


EZ-12 Battery Powered hole making Knockout Punch Driver

aximum Punch force: 120KN
Maximum Ram Stroke: 25mm
Punch/charge: 180times
Battery Voltage: 18V,3.0Ah,Lion
Maximum Round Punch Size(in 3.5mm mild steel): 61.5mm dia
Maximum Square Punch Size(in 3.5mm mild steel): 68.0*68.0mm
Maximum Rectangular Size(in 3.5mm mild steel): 35.0*65.0mm
Charging time: Approximately 2 hour
            Ф(INCH)                                Фmm
1/2" Conduit Size Punch&Die  7/8"                                                                  0.885 22.50 
3/4" Conduit Size Punch&Die / 1.115 28.30 
1" Conduit Size Punch&Die / 1.362 34.60 
1-1/4" Conduit Size Punch&Die / 1.701 43.20 
1-1/2" Conduit Size Punch&Die 1-15/16 1.951 49.60 
2" Conduit Size Punch&Die 2002-3-8 2.146 61.50 
7/16"*3/4" Draw Stud:1PC      
3/4"*3/4" Draw Stud:1PC      
Sealing kit      
Metal Case  

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