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bus bar processing machine bp301

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4 in 1 multi function  bus bar processing machine bp301

This machine is advanced with reference to foreign products, and combined with the actual order to improve efficiency and ensure the operational safety requirements designed equipment.
Most suitable for large-scale production of electronic control box and transmission and distribution construction works on site.
High flexibility, small size and strong function, high production capacity and efficiency.
Low-noise sound, beautiful and will not have finished processing the work environment caused by pollution.
In addition to 4 in 1 (flat, vertical bending, punching, shearing) increase in other external valve control can be matched with 3m tubing crimp, cut the cable or embossed, etc., to achieve more than one machine. 
Working Pressure (Psi)  10000
power supply      (12V) 220V/380V 50Hz 
cut row range (mm):    ≤ 150 × 12 copper and aluminum row of
punching range (mm):   Φ10.5, Φ13.8, Φ17, Φ20.5
flat curved Range (mm): copper and aluminum row of ≤ 150 × 12
horizontal bending angle: 0 degrees -135 degrees

weight :180 kg

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